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The VitalWeather System

The VitalWeather System is a locally developed system for emergency services, wind farm assessments, industry and anyone requireing weather information, using the Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station as the data source.

A smart GPRS Modem interrogates the Weather Station and relays data via GPRS to a central server  at 5 minute intervals. The manual collection of data from each Weather station is eliminated with obvious savings.

Weather data along with 24 hour history graphs may be viewed on any web-enabled PC. In addition current data is readily accessible via cell-phone sms..

Data history may be viewed for any recorded period and saved as a .csv file for analysis. The choice includes the use of an analytics tab specifically designed for wind energy monitoring and presents:

  • Wind speed averages
  • Wind speed distribution classes
  • Wind turbulence
  • Wind direction distribution
  • Temperature averages

NOAA Daily max-min reports

NOAA Monthly max-min reports

VitalWeather also has the ability to auto-sms or e-mail adverse weather condition reports to three users.

VitalWeather eliminates manual collection of data from each Weather station, saving on time and money. VitalWeather is the Weatherman's dream, automating acquisition and displaying data from multiple sites on a single screen.

To view live data go to:

User name : vital   Password : weather

Download the brochure (780Kb)

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