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Aquaculture & Aquaponics Systems 

South Africa

What is Aquaculture?

The term ‘aquaculture’ in its broadest sense refers to the method of breeding, rearing, and harvesting both fish and plants in a number of different aquatic agricultural environments such as ponds, rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) into one integrated system.

The marriage of the systems allows plants to feed off the organic fish waste whilst the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.

The third participants are the nitrifying bacteria or microbes and the composting red worms that flourish in the integrated growing media.

Together they convert solids into vermicompost providing food for the plants and ammonia from the fish waste, first into nitrites, then into nitrates.

By combining both systems aquaponics capitalizes on the benefits of both aquaculture and hydroponics whilst removing drawbacks associated with each.

Allen's are stockists of the Charmel Irrigation & Agricultural Controller (CIAC). CIAC offers a complete and efficient management system for aquaculture projects in South Africa. 

Contact us, for more information about the CIAC system.

Viable Aquaculture Systems in South Africa

On average, farmed fish convert feed to edible food as efficiently as poultry, making farmed fish an attractive option for expanding the worldwide animal protein supply.

And when aquaculture is combined with hydroponics we have a remarkably environmentally friendly system. The land footprint is minimal and water usage a fraction of traditional agriculture requirements.

In ‘aquaponics,’ costly fertilisers are eliminated as plants are fertilised via the fish waste and the water, purified by the plants, recirculates to the fish.

However, viable aquaculture requires a good understanding of the processes, reliable management structures, and consistent monitoring.

Without these elements, harvests may fail, putting financial returns under pressure.

Allen's have been involved in a number of aquaculture projects, giving us great insight into making aquaculture viable, however the correct aquaculture systems and management processes must be followed.

Aquaculture News - Latest Water Quality Monitoring Unit (WQMU)

[Title]This new, highly ergonomic water quality testing system is designed and manufactured in South Africa, market ready in August 2018. It is by far the most economical way to measure key parameters in water quality monitoring and highly suited to applications in aquaculture.

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Portable pH Meters for Aquaculture and Hydroponics


pH meters play an important role in maintaining water quality, whether it be in aquaculture, hydroponics or simply for drinking purposes.

pH refers to how acidic or basic water is, with levels ranging from 0-14 where 7 is neutral. Water that measures above 7 indicated that the water is more alkaline.

Water that measures below 7 will indicate that it is in fact acidic.

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A year-end message for all PROJECT MANAGERS


Here’s sincerely thanking customers for loyal support in 2017 – and a friendly reminder to send in equipment for repair and service as early as possible!

We don’t need an old Chinese proverb to tell us:

“Reworks cost ten times more than one time good work with adjusted instrument!”

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