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FL50 Multi Liner

The FL50+ Multi Liner provides 4 laser crosses. Additionally equipped with a FR55 receiver.

4 Laser crosses at 90◦ to each other
Standard beam (high visibility) and pulsed beam function for use with receiver
Laser cross to the ceiling
Plumb down beam to the floor
3 visible laser lines switchable individually
Adjustable 360◦ circle reading
Slow motion screw
Compensator-lock for transport
Automatic shut-off and audible alarm when out of level
Use with floor tripod (standard outfit)
Use with builders tripod (optional)
Use with receiver FR55 to extend the working range up to 80m

Technical Data

Self-levelling range:±3,5◦
Damping system: magnetic
ccuracy: ±3mm/10m
Working range without receiver ø:   20m*
Working range with receiver ø:   80m
Operating time rechargeable batteries:  12hrs**
Power supply: NiMH
Charge can also be used as power supply:  Yes
Visible laser diodes:6 x 635nm
Laser class: 2M
Weight:  2,0kg
*depending on room illumination
**depends on numbers of switched diodes

Receiver FR55

Indication: Front display/side LED’s
Accuracy: ±1mm
Tones:  3
Operating time/Power supply:   100hrs (1 x 9V)

Supplied with:

Receiver FR55 with clamp and battery, floor tripod, magnetic target, laser intensive glasses, 5/8” adapter for connection of floor tripod to builders tripod, rechargeable

battery pack, charge and hard carry case.

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