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Surveying Instruments Training Courses

Survey Induction and Refresher Courses

1.    Leveling from sub-base to finished levels, with a difference
2.    GPS/GNSS Positioning for the empowered surveyor
3.    Theodolites and total stations from office to field
4.    HP Survey 35 and 50 - calculations made easy
5.    The application of TS34 flatness standards
6.    Civil and construction cutting-edge technology

Special Applications and Software

7. From Ceaser to Trimble Machine Control – you name it

Soils and Thin layer Density Courses

8.    Troxler Safety and Operation – Certification for RPOs and Technicians
9.    Ionising Radiation Internal Rules for compliant companies

Laser Operator and Safety Officer Course

10.    Laser techniques and LSO Safety Codes in non-ionising radiation

Allen Associates - Surveying Instruments Training Courses

For more information about our safety courses and surveying instruments training courses, please contact us.

WeatherLink Live for Accurate Weather Monitoring and Data Collection


Allen Associates are long-standing dealers in Davis instruments, including the Davis Weatherlink Live now available for purchase.

Whether you rely on accurate weather data to make decisions for recreational or professional purposes, this is the arguably the best weather monitoring device on the market today.

It provides the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to stream weather data to the cloud, in real time and without the need of a computer.

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