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Rotosure 16

Rotosure Bantam 500 Delux Measuring Wheel. Now Rotosure 16 - More Info

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Rotosure 1000 Delux - Now Rotosure 32 DEL

Rotosure 32 DEL Measuring Wheels - More Info

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Rotosure 32 Pro

The Rotosure Classique Professional (Now 32 Pro) Measuring Wheel, there is no need to bend down and reset the counter. There is a reset counter as well. - More Info

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Rotosure 32E

Measures up to 10 000 meters by 10cm or 10 000 feet by 3 inches on a push button reset counter driven by a non slip timing belt. The wheel runs on two sealed roller ball bearings. - More Info

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Rotosure Bantam 500 Rotosure 16 short

Rotosure Bantam 500 Measuring Wheels Now Rotsure 16 short - More Info

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Rotosure Bantam 500 Standard

The Rotosure 500 standard is a basic half meter circumference measuring wheel (159mm diameter) fold to a third of its full length. - More Info

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Rotosure Classique Delux

The Rotosure Classique Delux Measuring Wheel - More Info

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Rotosure Classique Standard

The Rotosure Classique Range has more robust construction and is more durable for heavy duty applications. - More Info

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Rotosure Econo Delux

Rotosure Econo Delux Measuring Wheel used for Road marking, Construction, Paving, Fencing, Pool building, General construction - More Info

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WeatherLink Live for Accurate Weather Monitoring and Data Collection


Allen Associates are long-standing dealers in Davis instruments, including the Davis Weatherlink Live now available for purchase.

Whether you rely on accurate weather data to make decisions for recreational or professional purposes, this is the arguably the best weather monitoring device on the market today.

It provides the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to stream weather data to the cloud, in real time and without the need of a computer.

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