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C-Scape DP

C-Scape is a Windows application designed to provide independent real-time monitoring of any Dynamic Positioning System. - More Info

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Rotosure 16

Rotosure Bantam 500 Delux Measuring Wheel. Now Rotosure 16 - More Info

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A325 GNSS Smart Antenna

The A325 GNSS Smart Antenna offers an affordable, portable solution with professional level accuracy for agricultural, marine, GIS mapping, and other applications. - More Info

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AtlasLink GNSS Smart Antenna

AtlasLink is an all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna preconfigured to receive corrections from Hemisphere’s Atlas™ global corrections service. - More Info

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The Charmel Irrigation & Agricultural Controller (CIAC) offers a complete and efficient management system for aquaculture projects in South Africa. - More Info

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Following a multiyear co-operative venture with Honeywell Aerospace, C-Nav can now offer you an INS system using the same hardware trusted by airlines around the world. - More Info

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C-Monitor is a Windows application for monitoring and evaluating real-time GNSS QA/QC and precise point positioning information. - More Info

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C-Nav 3050

“All-in-view” parallel tracking with 66-channels. SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS / GAGAN) tracking. Built-in C-NavC1 and C-NavC2 L-Band receiver - More Info

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C-Nav7000 GNSS Receiver

User Choice of Correction Options: Public SBAS services (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) IALA beacon receiver module. - More Info

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C-NaviGator III GNSS Receiver

The C-NaviGator III provides visual aids to monitor the quality, performance and accuracy of GNSS position information for any C-Nav receiver. - More Info

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[Title]As 2018 gets written into the logbook of history, hatches close on its good and bad. Meanwhile expectations anchored in the brand-new year ahead trim many a business sail.

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