Surveying Equipment Hire South Africa

Daily Hire Rates:

Please note that hire prices quoted are VAT excluded and are payable in advance.

Equipment Once off Daily Rate
 RTK and GPS    
GeoFennel RTK GPS System


Comnav G200 Ntrip R750-00 R750-00
Total Stations    
Total Stations - including Stonex, Nikon, Topcon (from) & accessories R395-00 R395-00
Ceaser Field & Psion Workabout R250-00 R250-00
Opto-mechanical Theodolites R190-00 R190-00
Electronic Theodolites R250-00 R250-00
Automatic Levels    
Construction (2mm/1km) R125-00 R125-00
Engineers (0.5mm/1km) R145-00 R145-00
Construction Lasers    
 Pipe Lasers R395-00 R395-00
 Rotating Lasers (from) R350-00 R350-00
 Measuring Devices    
 Bosch DL150 Laser Distancer R100-00 R100-00
 Measuring Wheels R75-00 R75-00
 Tape Measures (All lengths) R30-00 R30-00
Moisture Meter R150.00 R150.00
Metal Detector R95.00 R95.00
 Quality Assurance    
 Troxler Soils and Thin-layer Densometers POA POA
 Concrete test hammer HT225A R125-00 R125-00
 Miscellaneous Equipment    
 Tripod (Wood) R30-00 R30-00
 Tripod (Alluminium) R30-00 R30-00
Elevating Tripod R75.00 R75.00
5m5p Aluminium Staff R30-00 R30-00

Allen Associates - Surveying Equipment Hire

All above instruments are certified to factory specifications

Monthly charges are based on  22 days.

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