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Theodis ET-205

ET205 Electronic Theodolite can achieve measurement, calculating, display and memory by means of computer technology.

It can display measuring results of horizontal and vertical angle at the same time. Furthermore vertical angle can refer to zenith angle or grade and so on.

ET205 series Electronic Theodolite can be used in third, forth-order triangulation control surveying, railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy and mine.

Engineering surveying as well as building and installing of large equipment. It is also applied to cadastral surveying, topographic surveying and other engineering surveying.

ET205 series Electronic Theodolite applied wide LCD display and saving power design with 4 AA alkaline batteries it can work 80 hours continuously.

In absolute encoder horizontal angle measurement mode. It can project data when power off, that is to say, if the power off, when you turn on again and aim the same target, the horizontal angle isn’t changed.


Objective lens:42mm
Image: Erect
Field of view:1◦ 20’
Minimum focus:2m
Minimum reading:   1” (0.2mgon)/5” (1mgon)/10” (2mgong)/20”
Power supply:Ni-MH recharge battery/Alkaline battery
Operation time:About 40 hours/80 hours
Angle unit:DEG or GON
Operation temperature:   -20◦C ~+50◦C
Display panel:Single side
Serial interface:No
Instrument’s weight:   4.5kg
Tilt sensor:No
Level Sensitivity
Plate level:30’ /2mm
Circular level:8’ /2mm
Laser plummet
Laser class:2 (IEC 60825-1:2001)
Laser wave:635nm~670nm
Laser spot size/intensity:   Adjustable