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DM4A Moisture Meter 125-14016-3795

DM4A Moisture Meter

The DM4A Moisture Meter is a universal moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood, building materials, paper, cardboards and numerous other materials.

Conforms to: DIN EN.50081 & 2(EC Rated)

No damage to materials. Only put on and read!

The pocket size, robust, hand held, electronic moisture meter is suitable for a quick determination of the moisture. The materials are merely touched and the % moisture appears on the display. (approximately one reading every 2 seconds).

The depth of penetration of the measuring field into the material is approximately 30 mm, thereby the moisture in low lying layers is obtained as well. The average moisture % is shown.

Time consuming preparations (i.e drilling holes & waiting for heat to dissipate) are no longer required.

Supplied in foam lined pouch with instructions.

Other features include :

  • material group setting by means of a membrane-type keypad
  • the adjusted material group can always be seen in the display
  • microprocessor controlled measuring with automatic zero point correction
  • up to 10 different customer specific linearisation curves, with up to 8 free programmable linearisation points can be implemented
  • storage for 100 moisture values
  • automatic calculation of maximum, average and minimum value
  • fixed linearisation curves for a lot of common materials are already stored and can be selected
  • the instrument's calibration can be checked with the optional calibration modules PE05 and PE30

Optional Extras

  • Software DMI-Controller which includes RS232 serial interface cable for connecting to a PC
  • different settings can be chosen and measured and stored. These values can then be transferred to the PC for analysis and storing on a disc
  • the instrument can be made with an aluminum casing for better protection against mechanical and electrostatic influence

The DM4A Moisture Meter can be used in accordance with:

  • DIN EN.50081 & 2 (EC Rated)