Eco Edge 125-14016-14

Eco Edge

Wildlife scientists have documented daily activity patterns in animals as diverse and different as marine worms and humans.

These daily or circadian rhythms are believed to result from an interaction between hormonally triggered reactions in the animals and cyclic environmental events.

Combined, these factors control a wide array of animal functions and behavior including reproduction, feeding, growth, thermal regulation, body condition and, perhaps most important, seasonal and daily movements.

While environmental phenomena such as cyclic changes in moon phase and position relative to the earth have been used to predict animal behavior with some success, other environmental factors also play an important role.

Photoperiod and sun position have been conclusively demonstrated to affect the behavior of large game animals, deer and elk in particular.

In addition, seasonal weather patterns, local weather events, and air temperature all have been identified in scientific studies as very important factors influencing the activity and behavior of these large game animals.

Most often these activities are related to the physiological demands of maintaining optimal foraging and resting times.

The environmental conditions affecting this behavior have been combined into a single algorithm used to determine optimal activity times.

The factors and relationships used in the instrument were obtained through an extensive study of the scientific literature, and use of well documented animal behavior studies.

This information, combined with discussions with wildlife biologists, has contributed to the development of the software used in these units.


  • Moon phase & moonrise/moonset position
  • Sun position / sunrise & sunset times
  • 12 – 24 hour weather forecast
  • Present & 4-hr future activity prediction
  • 97-year activity forecast based on future sun/moon information
  • 97-year almanac
  • Real-time calendar clock
  • Barometer / 16 hour history
  • Severe weather audio warning
  • Temperature: actual or estimated
  • Altitude
  • Digital compass
  • Key lock functio
  • EL back light

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