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FL 69 Ultra Liner 125-14016-3787

FL 69 Ultra Liner

FL 69-Ultraliner HP

Revolutionize setting-out.
The latest innovation in our line laser range.

8 laser dots intersecting the laser lines for increased visibility in unfavorable light conditions:
4 laser dots at the intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines
4 laser dots intersecting the vertical lines at 45° to the horizontal
Multiple laser line and dot options with 8 laser dots, 5 laser crosses, 4 vertical lines, 360°
horizontal line and a plumb down beam individually selectable
Li-Ion battery technology
5 laser crosses
4 vertical lines at 90° to each other
360° horizontal line
Laser cross to the ceiling
Plumb down beam
8 laser dots
Self-levelling function can be switched off for manual use
Use with receiver FR 55 to extend the working range up to 60 m
Slow motion screw for fine adjustment
Audible and visible alarm when out of level
Integrated floor tripod
5/8"  thread for use with standard tripod
Integrated floor tripod
Li-Ion battery pack and intelligent charger
Magnetic target
Laser glasses
Adapter for tripod connection
Battery case for optional use of alkaline batteries

Hard carrying case
Self-levelling range
± 3°
± 2 mm / 10 m
Working range w/o receiver
20 m*
Working range with receiver
60 m
Power supply
Operating time
6 - 14 h**
Dust / water protection
IP 54
Laser diode
635 nm
Laser class
Temperature range
-10 °C - +45 °C