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FL40 4 Liner 125-14016-109

FL40 4 Liner

FL 40-4 Liner HP

The starter model for professionals using the latest laser diode technology to ensure optimum line visibility. 3 laser crosses at 90° to each other connected by a horizontal laser line. Compared with FL 40-3 Liner it has another vertical laser line.


    1 horizontal and 3 vertical laser lines
    Shut-off of self-leveling function for manual use (slope)
    Locking device for safe transport
    Magnetic connection from instrument to wall mount
    Centering adapter for optimum positioning over a floor point
    Visual and audible alarm when out of level
    Pulse function for use with receiver FR 55/FR 55-M (optional)


Supplied with

    Wall / tripod mount with 5/8” thread
    Set of batteries
    Magnetic target
    Laser intensive glasses
    Padded carrying case