FLG40 125-14016-19


A bright clear laser cross is generated by green laser diodes for improved visibility under difficult conditions. Ideal for working in bright surroundings.


Laser cross
Fully automatic self-levelling
Locking device for safe transport
Visual and audible alarm when out of level
360° base
Self-levelling function can be switched off and laser beam can be run on manual
Detachable multi-functional mount
Base and side magnets
Thread on instrument and mount (5/8” & 1/4”)

Technical Data

Accuracy  ± 3 mm/10 m
Self-levelling range  ± 3,5 °
Working range without receiver  20 m
Temperature range  0 °C - +40 °C
Power supply  NiMH
Operating time rech. batteries  8 h
Charger = power supply  yes
Laser diode / laser class  532 nm / 3R
Laser output power  < 5 mW
Weight  1,1 kg

Supplied with

Multi-functional mount, rechargeable battery, charger, target, laser glasses, hard case