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FKL 55 125-aaaah

Geo-Fennel FKL 55 Green

Product Description:

FKL-55 Green
Straight and advanced

Our newest generation of pipe lasers with advanced technologies and improvements.

Advanced technology of mechanical parts, temperature stability and grade technology.
Extremely good visibility of OLED-Display with large figures.
Long-range IR remote control with 100 m working range.
Laser spot direction setting: Quick shifting by continued pressing respective button at both laser or remote control.

To the human eye a green laser dot is much better visible than a red dot. New generation of green laser technology with increased temperature range to -20 °C.


Robust aluminium housing
Easy intuitive operation
Fully automatic self-levelling
Automatic beam centering
Laser start point indication
Clear easy-to-read OLED-Display
IR remote control with long working range
Integrated rechargeable batteries

Supplied with

Target frame with target DN 150–300
IR remote control
Leg set DN 500
Leg set DN 400
Leg set DN 300
Leg set DN 250
Leg set DN 200
Adapter for 3-leg set up
Battery case for alkaline batteries
Target DN 400–500
Technical data
Laser class 3R
Laser diode red
Beam diameter 10 mm
Working range up to 200 m
Grade range -20 % – +30 %
Self-levelling range ± 5°
Minimum display reading 0,000 %
Horizontal accuracy ± 5 mm / 100 m
Left / right scanning ± 4°
Operating time 24 h (NiMH)
Power supply

4 x D 8000 mAh NiMH
(optional 4 x D Alkaline)
IR remote control range
front / back
100 m / 50 m
Temperature range -20 °C – +50 °C
Dust / water protection IP 68
Dimensions Ø 132 mm, length 380 mm
Weight (laser only) 6 kg