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Geo-Fennel FKL50 Red 125-14016-113

Geo-Fennel FKL50 Red


The standard for construction - Self-leveling pipe laser

Self-leveling pipe laser. A rugged waterproof construction for long lasting performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.


    Robust aluminium housing
    Easy intuitive operation
    Fully automatic self-leveling
    Automatic beam centering
    Laser start point indication
    Clear easy to read illuminated LCD
    Integrated rechargeable batteries
    IR remote control

Supplied with


1. Target frame with target
2. Container
3. Pipe Laser
4. IR remote control
5. Leg set DN 500
6. Leg set DN 400
7. Leg set DN 300
8. Leg set DN 250
9. Leg set DN 200
10. Adapter for 3 leg set up
11. Charger
12. Battery case for alkaline batteries
13. Target DN 400 - 500Application in pipes DN 150 w/o legs