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Geo-Fennel FL155H-G

The latest innovation in our Dual Grade range

  • PowerSwitch-Technology: the power of a class 3R laser in a class 2 laser
  • Robust rubberised housing for on-site protection
  • Zonal control (electronic beam screen) eliminates interference from other lasers

High performance

  • High accuracy of ± 0,5 mm / 10 m
  • Grade setting of X and Y axis up to ± 10% (monitored)
  • TILT and VWS-Function
  • Li-Ion battery technology
  • 2-Way RF remote control

Easy operation

  • Digital setting of grade values
  • Monitored grade
  • Reduced number of buttons for ease-of-use


  • Horizontal Dual Grade Laser
  • Digital grade adjustment
  • Monitored grade
  • Automatic TILT function
  • VWS function combined with TILT function
  • Illuminated display
  • Zonal control (masking)
  • Zonal control (electronic beam screen)
  • Remote control screen
  • Li-Ion battery technology
  • Battery charger includes adapter for in-car charging


  • Receiver FR 77-MM with clamp
  • 2-Way RF Remote control
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • Battery case for alkaline batteries
  • Carrying case