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Geo-Fennel FL20 125-14016-21

Geo-Fennel FL20

Geo-Fennel FL20 Rotating Construction Laser


For horizontal and vertical measurement
Visible laser beam
Horizontal easy setting with 2 bubbles
Scanning function (2 step)
Laser point mode
Multistage rotating beam
Permanent 90◦ beam to zenith
One vertical line (switchable) to project a laser cross
Manual slope (1 axis) up to 4%

Technical Data

Accuracy:    ±3mm/10m
Working range
With receiver ø:  ≤120m
Laser point:  approx. 30m*
Scanning:  approx. 20m*
Rotating:  approx. 10m*
Operating time/Power supply:  18 h/4 x 1.5V AA
Visible laser diode/Laser class:  635nm/2
*depending on room illumination

Supplied with:

Wall / tripod mount, batteries & bag

Optional Accessories:

Receiver FR45, remote control