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Geo-Fennel FL265-HV 125-14016-4918

Geo-Fennel FL265-HV

Best in class
The latest generation of the "Best in class"
- New innovative low friction drive mechanism and self-levelling module
- Accurate, robust and temperature stable
- Low friction drive for reduced noise generationUser-friendly operating concept
- For the ultimate in ease-of-use the only control functions on the instrument power on/off the laser
beam and the remote control
- All additional functions including scanning and slope setting are accessed from the remote control
Improved performance

The Premium horizontal and vertical laser for all interior and outdoor applications
- Dust / water protection IP 66
- High accuracy of ± 0,5 mm / 10 m
- Working range 800-1000 m diameter (depending on model)
- Enhanced scanning functions with small increments and a range up to 180°
- Permanent 90° beam for right angles
- Automatic TILT alarm function
- VWS function (Vibration-Wind-Security)
- Auto-shut-off when out of level
- Remote control function on/off: to avoid interference with other remote controls or mobile devices
- Manual slope setting of X and Y axis or auto self-level of opposite axis
- Floor mount with centring mark for accurate set up above a ground point
- Li-Ion battery technology

Supplied with
- Receiver FR 45 with clamp
- Remote control
- Rechargeable batteries
- Charger
- Battery case for alkaline batteries
- Floor mount
- Magnetic target
- Laser glasses
- Carrying case

Technical data
Self-levelling range ±5°
Laser class 2
Accuracy horizontal ± 0,5 mm / 10 m
Accuracy vertical ± 1,0 mm / 10 m
Working range with receiver FR 458 Ø00 m
Manual slope setting X axis ± 5° (±9%)
Manual slope setting Y axis ± 5° (±9%)