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Geo-Fennel FL550 Ha-G 125-14016-22

Geo-Fennel FL550 Ha-G

Geo-Fennel FL550 Ha-G Rotating Construction Laser

This rugged high performance fully automatic self-levelling dual grade laser is the newest in construction rotators.

With a distance range up to 700m it is designed for excavation, ground works and use with control systems for ultimate grade control. This instrument guarantees precise measurements.

This new top of the range dual grade laser can be used for grades up to 25 %. With a 40 hour operating time and variable rotating speeds of either 600 or 1000 rpm for ranges up to 700m, covering entire job sites has never been easier.

The FL 550 H-G includes a VWS (Vibration and Wind Security) and TILT Function which ensures rotation will not be stopped due to light ground and wind vibrations.

Simply erect, position and begin leveling or grading your area with complete confidence.

Utilising the full specification 9-channel remote control, grades accurate up to 3 decimals can be input at the touch of a button.

The most important features:

Steep grade setting in +Y axis up to 25% using steep grade adapter
Digital grade setting of X and Y axis
Dual Axis Laser
Digital Grade Adjustment, up to 3 decimals
Monitored Grade
TILT Function and VWS Function
90° beam to Zenith
Illuminated Display
2 way RF Remote Control
Manual Function
Operation with Rechargeable and Li-Ion or Alkaline Batteries
Dust/ water Protection IP 66