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Geo-Fennel Multi Digit Pro 125-14016-25

Geo-Fennel Multi Digit Pro

Easy to use and accurate. For measuring angles, inclinations, sloped and plane surfaces.

Displays angle and inclination simultaneously
Angle measurement in degrees
Inclination in degrees or percent
Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements
Working range of angle measurement 0 to 180◦
Automatic shut-off
Hold-function to freeze measurement
180◦ -lock to prolong the unit to 1m length
Arm can be locked in every desired position
Visible laser beam to extend working range
1/4” –thread for camera tripod

Technical Data

Working range angle:   0◦ - 180◦
Angle precision:±0,1◦
Working range inclination:  0◦ - 90◦ or 0% - 100%
Resolving power:0,1◦ or 0,1%
Accuracy inclination:   0,2◦
Range of laser:20m
Accuracy of laser:   ±0,5mm/1m
Laser wavelength:   650nm
Laser class:2
Power supply:3 x 1.2V AA
Operating time:48hrs
Length (unfolded):   530mm (1.000mm)
Weight: 1,3kg incl. batteries

Supplied with:

Padded bag and batteries


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