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Water Level Logger 125-14016-31

HOBO Water Level Logger

The HOBO Water Level Logger is a high-accuracy, pressure-based water level recording device that combines research-grade accuracy and durability with a price tag that is roughly half the cost of most comparable solutions.

It provides 0.05% of full-scale accuracy with a 30-foot measurement range and better than 0.01-foot resolution.

Convenient data retrieval

The HOBO Water Level Logger offloads data to a computer or data shuttle via a convenient USB-based optical interface, which provides high-speed, reliable data

offload in wet environments.

Its optical design eliminates the need for failure-prone mechanical connectors found in many traditional water logger products, which allows for fast and easy data offload.

Fast, easy deployment

Unlike traditional water level loggers, which rely on cumbersome vent tubes for operation, the new HOBO Water Level Logger operates as a stand-alone unit.

This simplifies deployment and eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with vent tube-based loggers.

Powerful, intuitive software

To analyze and plot water level data, Onset offers HOBOware, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis interface, and offers a number of convenient features such as easy pressure-to-level conversion, and a Barometric Compensation Assistant, which compensates for barometric pressure changes.