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Hewlett Packard HP 17Bii plus Financial Calculator 125-14016-7

HP 17B ii Plus Financial Calculator

This 2-line, menu-driven, programmable financial calculator by Hewlett Packard with over 250 time-saving built-in business functions, has 28K user memory for cash flows, calculations and messages.

It combines all the features needed to get down to business - whether on the job or in class.


Powerful and easy-to-use: 28K of user memory lets you calculate cash flows, sum, equations, and solver variables - and include messages too

HP SolveT application saves time - write and solve equations for any variable without rewriting the original equation menus, prompts, and messages allow you to access applications and find solutions easily HP support - online or by phone, we're here to help

Impressive sum of productivity tools really add up: RPN and algebraic data-entry modes - Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) efficiently expresses calculation sequences without parentheses -- reducing the number of keystrokes

Easily calculate time value of money (TVM), amortization, mortgages, balloon payments, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), bonds, currency conversions (including Euro), percentages and more List-based, two-variable statistics and forecasting -- review data stored in a list format, scroll and edit as data changes

Built-in clock and calendar with alarms - schedule appointments, class reminders, and more

Subject suitability: Finance Accounting Economics Business studies Real estate.

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