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Laisai LSG686SPD Line Laser LSG686SPD

Laisai LSG686SPD Line Laser


  • Tradition pressing button
  • Output 5 laser lines and 3 laser dots
  • Form 2 cross laser lines
  • Compatible for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Self-leveling, laser flash and sound indication when beyond self-leveling range
  • Able to shield alarming function and use for tilt purpose
  • Height can be fine adjusted by supporting leg of tripod base
  • All metal base
  • 360° two way fine adjustable

Technical Data:

Diode:                                                                       Green

Leveling method:                                                      Self-Leveling

Plumb down dot or plumb down cross line:               Y

Fine adjusting function:                                            Y

Tilt function:                                                              Y

Pulse function(with receiver):                                    Y

Laser lines:                                                                5

Laser dots:                                                                 3

Cross laser lines:                                                        2

Laser wavelength:                                                      515nm

Laser class:                                                                Class II

Accuracy:                                                                    ±0.2mm/m

Leveling range:                                                           ±3°

Temperature range:                                                     -10°C~+45°C

Power supply:                                                              Li battery box or adapter

Size:                                                                            100*220mm

Weight:                                                                        1.25kg