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Levelfix CCL260G Line Laser CCL260G

Levelfix CCL260G Line Laser

The Levelfix CCL260G is a multifunctional 3D laser. Thanks to the three special lenses, it projects a 360-degree horizontal line and two 360-degree vertical lines. You can use this laser to mark out level lines, create a plumb line and project a cross line on the wall, ceiling and floor.


The CCL260G comes with a handy positioning base what makes aligning tiles and studs very easy. We call this positioning foot the SmartBase. The SmartBase has a unique rotating mechanism, which ensures that the reference point remains in the same place during setup. For tile work, the foot has fold-out clips that fall over the tile.


The bright green lines of the CCL260G have a range of up to 30 meters, which can be extended to 50 meters with, for example, the MLD40GR receiver. This receiver is available separately. The receiver also offers the possibility to use the laser outdoors, because the line does not have to be visible for this.