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Nikon DTM 332 125-14016-6502

Nikon DTM 332

Product Description:

The on board data recording has the storage capacity for up to 10,000 measured points and the versatile easy-to-use platform ensures precise measurement, every time, even in precise mode.

Compared to other low cost total stations, Nikon's legendary optics effectively allow in more light to give you brighter, clearer images.
You'll see the difference when you look through a Nikon Total Station even in the low-visibility conditions.
The better optics help you aim more precisely, and you'll see much more detail and much less distortion, especially over longer distances.

The Nikon DTM-322 Total Station is among the fastest total stations in its class, so you can move quickly through your routines and spend less time in the field.
With a telescope magnification of 33x and an objective diameter of 45mm, the DTM-322 is the perfect station for general construction.

Rugged and lightweight, weighing only 4.8kg, the multiple battery options are designed to consume low power and provide the longest possible field- time.

The Nikon DTM-322 has an IP55 rating for dust and water protection.

Suitable for entry level land surveying, contracting and construction applications.

product features

- Low cost economical total station solution
- Fast measuring, less than 1.6 seconds in precise mode
- Precision Nikon optics which are brighter, clearer images compared with other low cost total stations
- 3" and 5" models available
- up to 10,000 point storage
- Easy to read graphical LCD display

DTM-322 specifications

- Angle Measurement (minimum increment): 1"
- Angular Accuracy: 3", 5"
- Distance Measurement Single Prism: 1.5 to 2300 meters
- Measuring Accuracy Prism: +/-3+2 ppm x D mm
- Telescope: 30x magnification
- Tilt Sensor: Single axis compensator
- Display: Backlit graphical LCD
- Communication: 1x serial RS232C
- Water & Dust Protection: Waterproof to IP55
- Weight: 5.0kg including batteries
- Battery Type: AA NiMH
- Battery Operating Time: 6 hours continuous distance/angle measurement