Survey Equipment for Hire

Nikon NE-100 125-14016-85

Nikon NE-100

Nikon NE-100 Series theodolites can run 48 hours under normal operating conditions on a set of six AA alkaline batteries.

Each of the four models has an ergonomic keypad with one-touch keys for all functions and a large, backlit LCD display help you work productively in the field.


Effective diameter of objective:   1.77 in (45mm)
Magnification: 30x
Image:  Erect
Field of view: 1◦20’ (2.3ft @ 100ft / 2.3m @ 100m)
Minimum focusing distance:   2.3ft (0.7m)
Stadia multiplier constant:100
Stadia additive constant:0
Reticle illuminator:Provided
Angle measurement
Reading system: Photoelectric incremental encoder
Circle diameter: 3.1 in (79mm)
Unit of reading: degree/gon/mil
Minimum digital reading:10/20”, 2/5 mgon, 0.05/0.1 mil
Accuracy (DIN 18723):10” / 3 mgon
Type:  dot-matrix LCD (20 characters x 2 lines)
Backlight: 1-level illumination
Keypad:  5 buttons
Optical plummet
Magnification: 2.2x
Field of view: 5◦
Focus range: 4.3ft (1.3m) fixed
Level Sensitivity
Plate level: 60” / 2mm
Circular level: 10’ / 2mm
Leveling Base
Type:  Detachable
Ambient temperature range:   -4 to 122◦F (-20 to 50C)
Environmental rating:IP54
Dimensions: 6.0x6.8x13.1 in (153.5x172x334mm)
Weight:  4.5kg
Power supply
Battery type: 1.5V alkaline AA x 6
Operating time: 48 hours

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