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Placom Digital Planimeter KP-90 125-14016-72

Placom Digital Planimeter KP-90

Placom Digital Planimeter KP-90

By simply tracing the outline of a drawing, the area can be measured and the mean and cumulative values are displayed in digital speedily and accurately.


Calculation of a unit and a reduced scale is not required: If the unit and the reduced scale of a measurement drawing are present, conversion is automatically performed and the final answer is displayed in digital.

Measurement of drawing with different lateral and longitudinal reduced scale. Ample selection units: The metric system (cm², ft², acre) and the pulse count mode are available.

Units other than this can cope with a situation by adjusting the reduced scale input operation.

Cumulative measurement is possible: Even if a large drawing is divided for measurement or several areas are summed, the accumulative total can be easily obtained.

Cordless compact design: In spite of the multifunctional high performance equipment, its compact design is realized by the LSI circuit and the built-in battery.

Automatic shift to the next higher unit: If a measurement value overflows the display digits (8 digits) it is automatically shifted to the next higher unit. (If an overflow occurs in the highest unit, measurement continues in 4 digit pulse count mode.)

Mean value measurement is possible: To reduce measurement error caused by hand movement, a mean measurement value can be automatically obtained by measuring the same pattern several times.

Cumulative mean value measurement is possible: Even if a large drawing is divided to be measured or several area summed to be measured cumulatively, a cumulative mean value can be easily obtained.

AC DC, 2 power source method (with the auto-power off function): Both a nickel cadmium loaded battery and a power supply using AC adapter are possible.


Model:    Roller type – With an operating function
Display:    8 digit numbers in LCD – 10 symbols
Symbol:    Batt-E, SCALE, MEMO, HOLD, cm², m², km², in², ft², acre.
Measurement range: Longitudinal length up to 325mm, Transverse roller movement direction unlimited
Precision: Within ±0.2% (within ±2/1000 pulses)
Power supply: 1) Built-in nickel cadmium battery (it can be charged with AC adapter)
 2) 100, 120, 110, 240 V 50/60Hz (Using the AC adapter)
Operating time: About 30 hours continuously (With the auto-power off function)
Charge time: About 15 hours
Weight: 1850g
Measurement: 38x21x7cm = 5586cm³
Attachments: AC adapter, Plastic case

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