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Precision NTDS 32 Automatic Level 125-14016-77

Precision NTDS 32 Automatic Level

Apart from inherent accuracy, higher magnification means you can work in poorer light, or get better results from older eyes.

For years now, the Precision has proved to be a champ amongst automatic levels.

Technical data

Telescope: Erect
Magnification: 32 X
Clear objective aperture:40mm
Field of view: 1◦30’
Shortest focusing distance:0.5m
Multiplication factor:100
Additive factor: 0
Working range: ±15’
Setting accuracy: ±0.3”
Sensitivity of bubble:8’/2mm
Circle graduation:1◦ or 1gon
Standard deviation for 1Km double run leveling: 1.0mm
Instrument N/W: 1.3kg
Centre size of tripod:M16 or 5/8”