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Prexiso P100T Distance Meter P100T

Prexiso P100T Distance Meter

Distance range – measures up to 100m.

  • Multi function: distance, area, volume, pythagoras (2-point/3-point) measure, continuous measurement , Min&Max, addition and subtraction, bluetooth data transfer, reference change, unit setting, angle measurement (put horizontally and you can get a more accurate measurement).
  • Digital level / tilt indication: for accurate horizontal measurements or for checking slopes.
  • Back-lit color display improves readability.
  • Two optional references: two different reference points, making it easy to take measurements in different scenarios.
  • In accordance with IEC60825-1.


Range:                                     0.09 – 100m

Measuring accuracy:               ± 2mm

Smallest unit display:              1mm

Laser class:                              2

Laser type:                              635nm

Degree of Protection:              IP54

Autom. Power switch-off:         after 120s

Continuous measuring:           yes

Area/Volume:                          yes

Dimension(LxWxH):                120 x 45 x 24mm

Battery durability:                   2 x AAA (up to 3000 measurements)

Weight – without batteries:    81g

Temperature range:

Storage:                                   -10 to 60° C

Operation:                                0 to 40° C