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QBL 150HC 125-14016-29


The QBL-150HC's laser spot ensures better visibility on the target as well as in direct sunlight.

The stronger laser spot offers a higher distance range and a better visibility in each solution, including daylight on the pipe.

By using the easy, cost-efficient and sturdy accessories this laser can be utilized on all kinds of sites.


Fully automatic self-leveling
Absolutely water and dustproof aluminum housing
With IR-remote control, distance range up to 100 m
Integrated battery: microprocessor controlled quick charging
High power diode, even in direct sunlight an extremely visible laser spot
Four rubberized bumpers guarantee safe placing, even in plastic pipes
Large, easy to operate switch panel and illuminated, easy to read LCD-display
Precise, sturdy and extremely handy

The QBL-150HC Package Includes:

pipe laser
7 button remote
pipe target
AC charger
DC power cable
Centering feet for 10" and 12" pipe
Oerating manual and carrying case
One year warranty

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