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QBL QL 125 125-14016-28

QBL QL 125

 QBL QL125 Pipe Construction Laser

The QBL QL 125 laser is designed for use when space is limited. Its short length means the laser can be used in tight bends and narrow manholes. The minimum pipe diameter is 125 mm.

Robust housing

The robust cast-aluminium housing is a common feature of QBL‘s pipe lasers. A sensitive sensor reliably compensates for external vibrations.

Manual alignment

The manual alignment function allows you to direct the laser by remote control on to a reference rod outside the excavation, without later having to set the grade-setting control once more in the manhole.

1. Set the desired grade.
2. Direct the laser beam on to the reference rod.
3. By pressing the alignment button again you return the laser beam to the desired grade setting and the desired line is preserved exactly.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries ensure that the QL 125 is always ready for action. A second battery (optional) can be charged outside the laser.

Manual cross axis leveling

Cross axis orientation can be done very conveniently using the digital spirit level shown on the display. If the the cross axis is exceeded, the QL 125 warns the user with a pulsating beam.

Clear Display

The display provides easy to read information using large characters about grade, line, cross axis inclination, tilt, battery charge state and more. The lluminated display can be easily read, even in the dark.

Inclination angle

The QL 125 can cope with the sort of inclines and declines typically found in civil engineering. Even grades of -15 to +45 % are no problem for the QL 125 or QL125s.

Convenient remote control

The remote control has a range of 100 m. All the important functions can be set using the remote control. The Sleep mode is particularly useful when taking breaks from work.

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