Survey Equipment for Hire

 Rotosure 16 125-14016-53

Rotosure 16

Common uses

Quoting for carpets
Garden layouts
Factory layouts
Normally used on smoother surfaces and over shorter distances.


Trigger brake
Metric Increments 100mm
Metric measures to 9 999.9m or (10Km)
Push button zero reset
Wrist strap
Heavy duty
2 year guarantee
Folds to one third
Circumference 0.5m
Wheel diameter 160mm
Imperial increments 3 inches
Imperial measures to 9 999.9 feet
Follows fine edges
Runs in a straight line
Balanced in line movement
Better traction
Wheel runs on sealed roller bearings
Light weight
East storage
Weight 1.16kg

Carry case optional R 143-00

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