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S320 GNSS Survey Receiver 125-14016-3850

S320 GNSS Survey Receiver


  • SMS Communication Send and receive status messages via SMS.
  • Internal Radio SS/UHF & GSM Cellular Optional UHF 400 MHz or 900 MHz internal radio eliminates the need for cables on both base and rover setups.
  • Dual Bluetooth Ports Connecting data collectors and CDMA modem devices.
  • Dual Hot-Swap Batteries Includes two lithium ion batteries, which provides more than 10 hours of battery life.
  • 2GB SD Memory Card Removable SD card for data logging with powerful scripting capabilities SureTrack™ Intelligence Hemisphere GNSS’ exclusive SureTrack intelligence gives you excellent RTK performance: Long-range RTK baselines; reliable RTK in congested environments; removes concerns of mixing GNSS data from various manufacturers; even if base is GPS only, rover can deliver complete GNSS performance where others may not; RTK rover uses every satellite it’s tracking, even satellites not tracked at the base.
  • Auto Level Sensor LEDs on the front of the S320 will assist with ensuring the unit is level.

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