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ScaleMaster Classic Digital Plan Measure 125-14016-71

ScaleMaster Classic Digital Plan Measure

ScaleMaster Classic digital plan measure

Now its time for you to gain the competitive edge and perform take-offs with speed and confidence. Instantly double-check plans. Cut estimating errors and improve profits.

The Scale Master Classic digital plan measure helps you.At the estimating table, or out in the field, the Scale Master Classic helps you estimate like a pro!

Unlike "old fashioned" scalers or rulers, it's a uniquely digital and multi-functional device, yet highly accurately portable and easy-to-use.


User Accuracy: Based on how accurate you roll or start and stop the error factor 2-4%. Highly accurate for estimating.

A Total of 72 Built-In-Scales:
With 39 imperial (feet-inch) and 33 metric there’s a scale for almost any plan.
Small, lightweight and Totally Portable:
Fits in your pocket
Perform Instant Linear Rectangular Area and Volume Take Offs:
Use it like a pen. Just roll and measure.
Rolls Distances in either Direction:
Accepts dimensions as fast as you can accurately roll them in either direction and with either hand.
Measures regular and irregular linear distances or odd shapes.
Easy-to-Read Display:
Reads your measurement in feet/inches or metric

Multiple Dimensional Units for maximum Versatility:
Select your favorite measurement units decimal feet, feet-inches, decimal inches, yards, millimeters
meters and kilometers including square and cubic formats of each.
Convert Between Scales and dimensions Custom Scale:
Six user-set custom scales. Perfect for scaling faxed or out-of-scale plans. Calibrates to any plan
and then stores that scale for future use.
Calculate Rectangular Areas/Volumes (LxWxH):
Just roll and enter length of room then width and instantly calculate square footage.
Subtract and Counter:
Lets you subtract if you roll too far and lets you count items (e.g. studs, outlets etc.) and
Accumulate in memory.
Durable and Portable for Field or Office Use.


Product #:     6020
Size:      6.7x1.6x0.6” (171x41x15mm)
Product Weight (product only with battery): 1.9oz (54g)
Wheel Resolution:    0.025” (0.635mm)
Wheel Composition:    Celcon Polymer
Power:      Two 3-volt lithium (CR2430) batteries (included)
Battery Life:     Approx. 400+ hours usage
Auto Shut-off:     5 min
Keypad:     7 keys, soft-touch silicone rubber
Case:      Soft vinyl pouch
Operating Temperature:    32-130 deg. F (0-55 deg C)
Display Type: LCD segment, 7 digit main display, 3 digit count, 5 digit scale display with annunciator-
Display Dimensions: 0.76x2.5” (19x64mm)
Accuracy: 2-4%, based on user’s start and stop accuracy, 10 digit internal accuracy

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