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Spectra Precision Promark 500

Spectra Precision Promark 500

The new Magellan® ProMark 500 offers GPS+GLONASS+20 years of field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy.

Magellan’s latest RTK survey solutiondelivers state-of-the art GNSS in a smart, compact, light and cable-free design that gives you maximum mobility and flexibility in the field.

You will be able to not only take advantage of currently available GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS signals, but also be comfortable knowing that you can upgrade your receiver to meet the evolution to future constellations (Galileo).

With ProMark 500, Magellan brings to the market a unique blend of technologies which increases RTK availability.

Embedded BLADE™ technology introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning, maximizing the benefit of adding extra satellites to its already stellar GPS performance.

BLADE insures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and extensive compatibility with other manufacturer's GNSS products.

Our new technology provides robust signal tracking, advanced multipath mitigation, and high availability of satellites in difficult conditions.

The ProMark 500 innovative design, comprehensive user interface and wide range of communications will empower you to extend your survey horizons. Combined with the new FAST Survey field software on MobileMapper™ CX data controller, plus the highly regarded GNSS Solutions office software, the ProMark 500 system is the unique result of GPS+GLONASS+MAGELLAN.

Office Software

GNSS Solutions is a comprehensive software package with all of the tools required to successfully process GPS, GLONASS and SBAS survey data.

Focusing on simplicity, the software guides you through mission preparation planning, processing, quality control, reporting and data exporting.

GNSS Solutions can handle both real-time and post-processing data within the same project.

The software includes advanced blunder detection and quality analysis tools to ensure extremely accurate and

reliable results. New in GNSS Solutions is the ability to download data from multiple reference stations to provide a post-processed network solution for measurements

quality control.

The innovative approach to presenting survey data in graphical and tabular form makes post-processing with GNSS Solutions a simple and enjoyable experience.

Field Software

FAST Survey™ is a graphical field software for topography and construction, fully re-designed to optimize the functionality and performance of ProMark 500 GNSS system.

The ability to collect single coordinate shots, full RTK vectors, raw GNSS data and all data types concurrently, provides a flexible solution for your changing needs.

FAST Survey also works with your optical equipment allowing you to use one controller for both types of instrument.

FAST Survey is both powerful and easy to use. The scalable map-view screen displays points and lines as they are surveyed, offering large-print controls for rapid, reliable data collection.

Rich attributing, full editing in the field and export to industry-standard data formats provides true field-to-finish capability, saving time and effort.

Feature-rich Surveying Solution

Field Terminal

The ProMark 500 is available with a MobileMapper CX field terminal, a handheld sub-meter GPS receiver for additional work such as pre-survey and GIS data collection.

Features such as color touch screen, SD-card, USB and Bluetooth™ wireless technology, are included to ensure a robust, easy-to-use, cable-free RTK rover solution.

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