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Stabila Tech 196 Electronic Spirit Level 61cm 196

Stabila Tech 196 Electronic Spirit Level 61cm


This rugged and practical high-quality level is an ideal choice for any trade. Its electronic measuring technology and precision vials makes work faster and more efficient. The dual illuminated digital display can be read from both the side and the top. It conforms to IP 65 therefore fully washable and dustproof. When STABILA designed this electronic level, they added everything you need, making this a tool you can’t do without.

- Electronic spirit level with an ultra-rigid aluminium rectangular profile and two integrated electronic modules for the instantaneous measurement of inclinations, slopes and angles.
- Optimum protection: waterproof and dustproof in accordance with protection class IP 65 – the spirit level can be completely washed.
- Digital displays that can be read easily regardless of application conditions and illuminated at the touch of a button.
- Acoustic guidance with 3 different audible signals to align components quickly without having to look at the spirit level.
- Digital display rotates in reverse position.
- Reference angle mode allows an angle measurement to be accepted, saved and then transferred to other components.
- Keyboard lock.
- Warning if the spirit level is tilted in the second axis.
- Display modes: °,?%, mm/m, in/ft – decimal and as fraction can choose between precision (0.05°) and rough display (0.1°) in degree mode.
- Around 150 hours of operation.
- Includes bag for secure transport (length is 183 cm without bag).

- Measurement accuracy in normal position 0.50 mm/m
- Measurement accuracy in reverse position 0.50 mm/m
- Accuracy with electronic inclination measurement at 0° and 90° +/-0.05°
- Accuracy with electronic inclination measurement at 1° to 89° +/-0.20°
- Measuring modes °, %, mm/m, inch/ft
- Number of measuring surfaces 2
- End caps Removable, shock-absorbing, anti-slip stopper
- Profile Aluminium rectangular profile
- Operating life 150 h
- Protection class IP 65

What's in the box
1x TECH 196 electronic IP 65 electronic spirit level/61 cm,
1x spirit level bag,
2 x AA batteries