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Suzhou FOIF DSZ2 Auto level 125-14016-79

Suzhou FOIF DSZ2 Auto level

Model DSZ2 Automatic Level is adaptable for the second and third class leveling.

It is also used for general construction engineering and installation of large size machines.

The advantage of being automatic is that as soon as the circular bubble is centered, the line of sight is horizontal for all pointing of the telescope.

Elimination of the traditional tubular level speeds up work and improves accuracy.

Standard Deviation, Double Leveling for 1 km: ± 1.5mm
Telescope: Erect Image
Magnification Standard Eyepiece: 32 X
Clear Objective: Aperture 45mm
Field of View at 100m: 2.3m
Shortest Focussing Distance: 1.6m
Multiplication Distance:  100
Additive Constant:  0
Working Range of Compensator:  ± 14'
Setting Accuracy:   ± 0.3'
Circular Level, Sensitivity per 2mm:  8'
Netweight:  2.5kg
Horizontal Circle DSZ2:  360° / 400g
Graduation Diameter:  114mm
Graduation Interval:  1° /1g
Parallell Plate Micrometer FS1 with Glass Reading Scale:
Range:   Interval:  Estimation:
0.1mm   10mm     0.01mm
Horizontal Circle DSZ2:  360° / 400g