Trimble R4s 125-14016-4932

Trimble R4s

Dependable when every point Counts.

Designed for surveyors looking for easy-to-use GNSS technology, the Trimble ® R4 GNSS System performs under even the most rigorous conditions.
GNSS support upgrade options, integrated Trimble R-Track ™ satellite tracking technology, and a straightforward system design resulting in a system that is flexible, reliable, and rugged.
Lightweight, convenient and cable-free, the Trimble R4 GNSS system with Trimble Access ™ field software provides the ease of use of an integrated receiver and everything you need to perform a basic survey campaign.

The dual-frequency antenna enhances tracking capacity and delivers sub-millimeter phase center stability for precise results in demanding conditions.
Internally powered with removable batteries, this system provides a full working day of uninterrupted field operation.

The Trimble R4, powered with a Trimble Maxwell ™ 6 chip with 220 channels, delivers the accuracy and reliability required for precision surveying with superior tracking and RTK performance. With GPS L2C and the Japanese QZSS support included, you can track more satellites and measure more successfully in challenging environments. L2C provides more than just additional signals – the advanced signal structure provides better strength for more reliable satellite tracking.

Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology delivers reliable, precise positioning performance. Trimble R-Track with Signal Prediction™ compensates for intermittent or marginal RTK correction signals, enabling extended precision operation after an RTK signal is interrupted.

The CMRx communications protocol provides correction compression for optimized bandwidth and full utilization all of the satellites in view, giving you reliable positioning performance.

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