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Trimble R8 GNSS

It contains Trimble R-Track technology to support all GPS signals, including the new L2C signal and the coming L5 signal of GPS Modernization.

It also supports GLONASS.

The Trimble R8 combines advanced receiver technology and a proven system design to provide maximum accuracy and productivity.

Trimble R-Track Technology for Comprehensive GNSS Support Powered by an enhanced RTK engine, Trimble R-Track technology supports GPS Modernization: the new L2C signals and the coming L5 band.

As soon as they are transmitted, these new signals are capable of providing surveying professionals with real field benefits. Trimble R-Track technology also supports GLONASS L1/L2 signals.

A Proven System Design

From the powerful Trimble field software to the receiver itself, the Trimble R8 GNSS system's overall design has been tried, tested, and proven. As a rover it is rugged, lightweight and cable free for unsurpassed ergonomics in the field.

As a base it is flexible and also cable free: use the Trimble R8 as a base or rover according to each job's needs.

The Original Integrated Surveying Solution and Beyond The Trimble R8 GNSS system is designed to support Trimble's original Integrated Surveying™ solution.

Combine your GPS and optical data in one job file in powerful Trimble field software such as Trimble Survey Controller™.

Transfer the job file seamlessly to your Trimble office software for processing. The Trimble R8 can also be used as part of a Trimble® I.S. Rover.

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