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Troxler 3450 Nuclear Density Gauge 125-14016-69

Troxler 3450 Nuclear Density Gauge

 Troxler 3450 Nuclear Density Gauge

The RoadReader Plus combines the measurement modes proven in thousands of Troxler 3400 series gauges with a patented method for true thin layer asphalt and concrete bridge deck overlay density measurement.

By combining thin layer and full depth measuring capabilities in one instrument, the RoadReader Plus is our flagship gauge in the 3400 series.

With its versatility, speed, and economy the RoadReader Plus is designed to satisfy your compaction control needs at every stage of your project.

Like all 3400 series gauges the Model 3450 meets ASTM Standard Test Methods D-6938 (which replaced ASTM D-2922 and ASTM D-3017 as of November 2006), D-2950, C-1040 and AASHTO T-310.


No need for two different gauges
One instrument covers all density and moisture measurement needs
Measures thin-layer asphalt, full depth asphalt, soil and aggregates
Runs on quick charge NiCad batteries or alkaline batteries
“Sleep” mode allows the gauges to conserve power when not in use
Adjustable beeper can be heard over traffic and equipment
Stores up to 1000 test results
Backlit display for night time use
An alphabetic keypad allows you to enter notes for each project
Over 40 years of Troxler experience and 18 month warranty give you the confidence you require for your field testing equipment

Model 3450 Specifications

Measurement (U.S. Customary Units)
Direct transmission (6”):15sec  1min  4min
Precision pcf: ±0.32pcf  ±0.15pcf  ±0.08pcf
Composition error pcf:±0.50pcf  ±0.50pcf  ±0.50pcf
Surface error (0.05” 100% Void):   -1.1pcf  -1.1pcf  -1.1pcf
Backscatter: 15sec  1min  4min
Precision pcf: ±1.0pcf  ±0.50pcf  ±0.25pcf
Composition error pcf:±0.87pcf  ±0.87pcf  ±0.87pcf
Surface error (0.05” 100% Void):   -5.0pcf  -5.0pcf  -5.0pcf
Moisture at 15 pcf:15sec  1min  4min
Precision pcf: ±0.69pcf  ±0.34pcf  ±0.17pcf
Surface error (0.05” 100% Void) Depth of
Measurement = 8.5”:-1.2pcf  -1.2pcf  -1.2pcf
Measurement (S.I. Units)
Direct Transmission (150mm):   15sec  1min  4min
Precision (kg/m3):±5.2 kg/m3 ±2.6 kg/m3 ±1.3 kg/m3
Composition error (kg/m3):   ±8.0 kg/m3 ±8.0 kg/m3 ±8.0 kg/m3
Surface error (1.25mm 100% Void):  -18.0 kg/m3 -18.0 kg/m3 -18.0 kg/m3
Backscatter: 15sec  1min  4min
Precision (kg/m3):±16.0 kg/m3 ±8.0 kg/m3 ±4.0 kg/m3
Composition error (kg/m3):   ±14.0 kg/m3 ±14.0 kg/m3 ±14.0 kg/m3
Surface error (1.25mm 100% Void):  -80.0 kg/m3 -80.0 kg/m3 -80.0 kg/m3
Moisture: 15sec  1min  4min
Precision (kg/m3):   ±11.0 kg/m3 ±5.5 kg/m3 ±2.8 kg/m3
Surface error (1.25mm 100% Void)
Measurement Depth = 215mm:   -19.0 kg/m3 -19.0 kg/m3 -19.0 kg/m3
Thin Overlay Mode
Precision at 2240 kg/m3 (140pcf)
Time (min.)   Thickness kg/m3  pcf
1   2.5cm (1.0”) ±16  ±1.0
5.0cm (2.0”) ±10  ±0.60
6.3cm (2.5”) ±8  ±0.50
10.0cm (4.0”) ±8  ±0.50
Time (min.)   Thickness kg/m3  pcf
4   2.5cm (1.0”) ±8  ±0.50
5.0cm (2.0”) ±5  ±0.30
6.3cm (2.5”) ±4  ±0.25
10.0cm (4.0”) ±4  ±0.25


Gamma Source:   0.30 GBq (8mCi) ±10% Cs-137
Neutron Source :   1.48 GBq (40 mCi) ±10% Am-241:Be
Source Type:   Sealed Source – Special Form
Source Housing:   Stainless steel, single or double encapsulated
Shipping Case:   Type A, Yellow II, TI = 0.6
Stored Power:   32 watt-hours
Average Power Consumption
Idle Mode:   0.12 watts
Measurement Mode:   0.17 watts
Standby Mode:   0.06 watts
Backlight Mode:   0.6 watts
Default time before sleep mode: 30 seconds between key presses, no loss of data or previous status
Time before automatic shutdown: 5 hours of complete inactivity
Power Sources: NiCad and AA Alkaline Batteries
Charge Source: 12 V dc Nominal, 800 MA Minimum
Battery recharge Time: 4 hours maximum, automatic cutoff
Liquid Crystal Display: alphanumeric, 4 line x 20 character, backlit
Keypad: 33 key sealed membrane
RAM: 128 kbytes non-volatile
Serial Data Format: 8 data bits
 2 stop bits
 No parity
Gauge height (with handles)
12” rod:   604H x 411L x 229W mm (23.8Hx16.2Lx9.0W in.)
8” rod:   503H x 411L x 229W mm (19.8Hx16.2Lx9.0W in.)
Shipping Case Size:   785H x 353L x 455W mm (30.8Hx13.9Lx17.9W in.)
Weight:   17Kg (37.5lbs.)
Shipping Weight:   43Kg (96.0lbs.)
Operating Temperature:   Ambient 0 to 70◦C (32 to 158◦F)
Max Test Material Surface Temperature:  175◦C (347◦F) for 15 minutes
Storage Temperature:   -55 to 85◦C (-67 to 185◦F)
Humidity:   98% non-condensing