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Troxler 4640-B 125-14016-70

Troxler 4640-B

Troxler 4640-B Nuclear Density Gauge 4640-B THIN LAYER DENSITY GAUGE

For Compaction Control of Thin Lift Asphalt and Concrete Overlays.

Recognizing the need for an improved method of measuring the density of thin layer asphalt overlays, Troxler, the world leader in nuclear gauge technology, developed the first true thin layer density gauge, the Troxler Model 4640-B.

The only gauge designed to measure the density of thin asphalt and concrete layers from 1 to 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm), the Troxler Model 4640-B Thin Layer Density Gauge accurately measures the overlay density without influence from underlying material.

No nomographs or manual corrections are required in order to compute the true density of the overlay.

With on-site results available in as little as one minute, the Model 4640-B can provide the user with test results when they are needed, not hours after compaction has been completed.

Extensively field tested and proven, the 4640-B is now being used by many governmental agencies and contractors as the only approved test method for density measurements on bituminous overlays.