Survey Equipment for Hire

X-Pad 125-14016-3899


Multi Positioning Software

A new concept in software for processing topographical data, capable of integrating a range of different information such as: calculations, scan registration, management of point clouds and photography, plus topographical drawing functionality. Simplicity and interactivity all in one application!

All in one, because one is better
A single software program adds up to a more efficient workflow. With X·PAD is possible to load data from total stations, GPS and laser scanners and calculate, view and manage it without having to export the data from one program to another. You can connect a TPS or GPS survey to each laser scan and view everything together.

Multi Positioning Software

X·PAD MPS consists of 4 modules: BASIC, L•SCAN, TOPO and X•CAD.
A license for the BASIC module, to download, manage and convert data, is included with every purchase of a GeoMax TPS, GPS or SPS ZOOM 300 instrument.

Data organization

X·PAD easily handles a multitude of different types of data: measurements, coordinates, drawings, and point clouds. The Project
Manager‘s organization of the data within the same file is orderly and logical. The management of multiple survey sessions and different groups of drawings is made easy as the relevant data can be quickly reviewed at anytime.

X·PAD’s supreme functionality saves time on every task.

Data visibility

We have developed a powerful graphics engine allowing the user to work in either 2D or 3D.
You can view and manage data easily even when displayed as a spreadsheet. Functions for searching, filtering and editing make viewing and managing data straightforward.