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ZGP800 GPS 125-14016-49


The ZGP800 sets new standards in ease-of-use without compromising functionality.

With the ever increasing demand to complete projects faster and faster, surveyors are looking for technologies to help them improve their productivity.

GPS is one of the latest technologies that delivers surveyors with a new tool to increase productivity.

Raw Data Logging

With an exceptionally large memory of up to 1 GB, practically endless GPS raw data can be logged for post-processing. Upon completion of data collection, the removable CF card can simply be transferred to a PC for post-processing to deliver the final accurate coordinates.

PC Software

GeoMax Geo Office provides a complete suite of programs ready to support your field equipment. With complete flexibility and ease, data can be downloaded, post-processed and prepared for final CAD processing or direct delivery to clients.


The ZGP800 integrates modern wireless communication technologies. Bluetooth® wireless technology allows cable free communication between the antenna and controller, and also facilitates connectivity to mobile telephones to receive network RTK correction data.

Where no regional RTK correction data is available, local RTK correction data is provided with an integrated UHF radio solution. With full flexibility and reliability, GeoMax GPS  has the communication solution to suit your needs.


Equipped with state-of-the-art NovAtel GPS technology the ZGP800 provides maximum performance.

With built-in Q-Lock technology, all satellites are tracked with the highest possible signal strength and regular independent checks are conducted to ensure that you can work in all environments, no matter how challenging.

With imbedded multi-tasking processing, accurate RTK positions are computed automatically, or raw data is logged for post-processing.

No matter how demanding the conditions, you can be sure that your ZGP800 “Works when you do!”. 


At GeoMax we understand that your daily tasks vary greatly, that’s why we have created a number of easy-to-use applications to guide you through every day.

With both powerful applications and the latest in technology, you can be certain that GeoMax “Works when you do!”.

COGO Routines
Reference Line
Site Calibration & Coordinate Systems