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Trimble UX5 UAV

A complete system with powerful technologies such as reversed thrust & automatic fail-safe procedures, a robust design and radically simplified workflow. - More Info

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Geo-Fennel Multi Digit Pro

Easy to use and accurate. For measuring angles, inclinations, sloped and plane surfaces. - More Info

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Geo-Fennel S Digit Mini

Small and handy - More Info

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Leica NA320

Take on any site challenge with the new Leica NA300 Level series. These robust optical levels are engineered to handle daily levelling tasks with the highest precision and accuracy while the simple design means quick and easy measurements with high quality results. - More Info

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Leica NA720 Automatic-Level

No time consuming checking or readjustment required. And the “best in class” optics enables you to always work as precisely as possible even in twilight. - More Info

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Optical Square

The optical square is hand held but for more accurate centring over a point a plumb bob can be hung from the slot built into the shaft. - More Info

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Precision NTDS 24 Automatic Level

The surveyor’s choice in an instrument which survives the knocks which separate the men from the boys in automatic levels. Check out the price of a kit on special. It’s worth every cent! - More Info

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Precision NTDS 32 Automatic Level

Apart from inherent accuracy, higher magnification means you can work in poorer light, or get better results from older eyes. - More Info

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Suzhou FOIF DSZ2 Auto level

Model DSZ2 Automatic Level is adaptable for the second and third class levelling. It is also used for general construction engineering and installation of large size machines. - More Info

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Topcon AT-B Series – Auto Level

Utilizing a finely tuned magnetic damping system, AT-B series automatic levels quickly level and stabilize the line of sight. These precision instruments ensure reliable leveling even when working near heavy equipment or busy highways where fine vibrations could be present. - More Info

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