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Best Drones for Workflow of Geospatial Professionals in South Africa

The world’s leading drone manufacturer for professional applications, senseFly introduced their new software unification with Trimble Business Centre software in January this year. This software offers optimised drone mapping workflow for all geospatial professionals.

The partnership ensures a seamless and highly functional integration between Trimble’s Business Center Aerial Photogrammetry (TBCAP) module and senseFly’s eMotion flight and data management software.

Best Drones - Geospatial Surveying Instruments South Africa

Best drones for geospatial professionals

senseFly drone operators are now have the ability to transform a senseFly S.O.D.A camera’s georeferenced imagery into a project that is automatically collated in jxl format.

One-click is all it takes to import the drone’s imagery into the TBCAP without any need for manual project creation or organising of images.

The one inch, 20-megapixel RGB camera is the first of its kind to be built specifically for professional drone photogrammetry applications.

It captures incredibly sharp aerial images across a wide range of light conditions, allowing the senseFly’s fixed-wing drone operators to produce highly-detailed orthomosaic images as well as accurate 3D digital surface models. The camera is compatible with almost all senseFly fixed-wing mapping drones.

Apart from the exceptional photogrammetric deliverability, Trimble Business Center also enables geospatial professionals to combine aerial photography with data which has been collected from GNSS receivers, 3D laser scanners and more. This ensures seamless workflow from field to finish.

With the effortless combination of imagery from aerial systems and survey data gained on the ground, users are able to view and conceptualize their project from both aerial and terrestrial perspectives as well measure distances between points in an image which assists in creating 3D models of the terrain as well as the infrastructure.

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