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Stabila IP65 - Electronic Spirit Levels South Africa

Allen Associates is privileged to stock and supply leading measuring and positioning equipment in South Africa.

In the month of May, we bring you the Stabila Type 196-2 Electronic IP65.

Measuring equipment South Africa

Electronic Spirit Levels South Africa

Successor to the bestseller Type 196-2 Electronic.

The Stabila Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 promises you faster, more accurate measurements with even more resilience.

The Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 is dust resistant and waterproof, making it fully washable, and practical to use in any type of work environment.

In conditions where lighting is dim or unavailable, the Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 has two digital display options, illuminating at the simple push of a button.

Measured values are determined immediately and can be displayed in 5 different display modes, namely:


  • Degrees in 1 or 2 decimal points
  • Percentages
  • Feet & inches (rise/run) in decimal points
  • Feet & inches in fractions
  • Millimetres and metres


To combat erroneous readings produced by tilting a spirit level in the second axis, the Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 is equipped with an audible inclination guide featuring three different signal tones.

With an optimal operating period of about 150 hours, the Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 is the perfect measuring equipment for extended hours of on-site use.

A strong light alloy ribbed rectangular shape, fitted with high-quality shock-absorbing end caps makes the Type 196-2 Electronic IP65 extremely robust and a must have for surveyors and professionals requiring consistent, dependable measurements.

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