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GeoMax GNSS Zenith Series - The fully integrated GNSS

Zenith10 & Zenith20 are complete and fully integrated satellite positioning systems.

They comprise of only two main components, a GNSS antenna and a handheld computer that can be setup on a pole or tripod.

The integrated wireless technology, provides a completely cable free and light-weight solution that is ready for an entire day’s work.

FieldGenius software makes positioning easy and includes many features to satisfy even the most demanding user.

Finish tasks faster than ever before with the fully integrated Zenith Series.

Quality GNSS

Equipped with state-of-the-art NovAtel satellite receiver technology, the Zenith10 & Zenith20 provide maximum performance. The AdVance® RTK technology developed by NovAtel ensures maximum positioning availability under challenging conditions.

GeoMax offers two types of GNSS receivers, the Zenith10 with 72 channels and the Zenith20 with 120 channels. Both receivers can track satellite signals of the GPS and GLONASS type. The Zenith20 additionally supports Galileo. By having access to a maximum number of satellites, positions can be determined at any time, ensuring that Geomax GNSS works when you do!

A rugged handheld, packed with features

The PS236 is a compact handheld that is rugged enough for any task. Running Windows® Mobile, the PS236 is packed with features.

Rapid data entry is possible thanks to an extensive keyboard and touchscreen display. With a powerful processor and large internal memory, there are no limits to the possibilites offered by the PS236 handheld.

Being extremely rugged and with a sunlight readable display, you can continue to use the Zenith10 & Zenith20 in all outdoor environments.

And with a long battery life of 10 hours, keep working until your job is complete.

Field Software

Zenith10 & Zenith20 are open systems that support any Windows Mobile based field software. A standard Zenith Series configuration is supplied with GeoMax FieldGenius, a fully featured intuitive field software package. With large main menu icons, tasks can be quickly found and executed directly with the touch screen.

Your survey work is always shown graphically to ensure you see all of your design and measured data. Elements can simply be selected by using the touch screen display.

Supporting a full range of export formats, your field work can be transferred directly to your office software.

Office Software

GeoMax offers GeoOffice (GGO) as a versatile PC software to handle all your fieldwork. GGO is based on an intuitive, graphical interface making it quick to learn and easy to use.

All the data is displayed graphically providing a clear overview of your work. By simply selecting any element, the related information can be accessed or edited.

Flexible Import and Export

Data can be transferred directly between GeoMax instruments and GGO. The flexible ASCII export allows the creation of data files in any format.

Coordinate Transformations

GGO includes a range of tools for defining coordinate systems and to transform coordinates into a local system.

Using geiodal models, GNSS measured ellipsiodal heights can be converted to orthometric heights.

GNSS Post Processing

Raw data can be imported into GGO from all types of GNSS sensors. The Post Processing module allows extended user control over the parameters used in the baseline computations. Result reports provide detailed information about the processing procedure and accuracies obtained.

One box, one price Zenith10 & Zenith20 include all components and accessories required for any type of measurement task. These are supplied in one rugged container to ensure nothing is left behind.

With no additional hidden costs, you’re ready to go from day one with Zenith10 & Zenith20. This is the GNSS series you’ll ever need for a quality and price unique in the market.


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