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WeatherLink Live for Accurate Weather Monitoring and Data Collection

Allen Associates are long-standing dealers in Davis instruments, including the Davis Weatherlink Live now available for purchase.

Whether you rely on accurate weather data to make decisions for recreational or professional purposes, this is the arguably the best weather monitoring device on the market today.

It provides the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to stream weather data to the cloud, in real time and without the need of a computer.

Weatherlink Live - Measuring Equipment South Africa

Current weather conditions can be monitored from anywhere, using any mobile device including tablets, smartphones or computers.

Furthermore, the device has an internal backup memory which can store up to 6 months’ worth of weather data.

Using the WeatherLink website and free mobile app, weather data posted on the Weatherlink Cloud can easily be shared with weather enthusiasts, friends, family and customers.

Weatherlink Live Advantages

  • Closely monitor your immediate environment

WeatherLink Live allows you to configure a customised network of more than 80 sensors on 8 different transmitters. This allows you to see data from sensors placed in every area of your home or workplace on a single device.

  • Real-time data

This device provides the fastest reporting weather data on the market with a total of 2.5 seconds to update wind speed and wind direction. In addition, it takes only 10 seconds to update rain-related data.

  • Transmission distance of 300 meters

Frequency hopping, spread-spectrum radio technology allows you to dependably receive uninterrupted data.

  • 3 different sensors

Accurately measure barometric pressure, humidity as well as inside temperature.

  • Connection to smart home devices

Connect to smart irrigation systems as well as other loT devices.

  • Access to Ethernet

When you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, the included cable allows you to easily connect to Ethernet so you can continue receiving data

  • Easy set-up

The WeatherLink app allows a simple Bluetooth setup.

  • Never lose data

Internal auxiliary memory safeguards recorded data.

  • Share data

Share your data with the global WeatherLink community or upload data to an ever-expanding list of 3rd party websites.

Allen Associates – Environmental Measuring Instruments

For more information on the Davis WeatherLink Live device as well as our other measuring equipment and surveying instruments, contact us.

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