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Vital Online Weather Station - Davis Vantage Pro2

The VitalWeather System is a locally developed and designed system for Emergency Services, Wind farm assessments, Industry and anyone in general that requires Weather information, using the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station equipment as our source of weather data.

Our smart GPRS Modem interrogates the Weather Station and relays data via GPRS to our central server at 30 minute intervals ( literally live).

See here: Weather at Allen Associates

Weather data along with 24 hour history graphs may then be viewed on any web enabled PC, with access to current data downloaded to your cell-phone via simple sms.

History of weather data can be viewed for any recorded period and if required saved as a .csv file for future analysis.

In addition we have an Analytics tab specifically designed for wind energy monitoring.

  • Wind Speed Averages
  • Wind Speed Distribution classes
  • Wind Turbulence
  • Wind direction distribution
  • Temperature Averages

NOAA Daily max-min reports
NOAA Monthly max-min reports
Access current data via simple,sms


VitalWeather also has the ability to sms or e-mail adverse weather condition to up to three users.

On some of the older systems, data had to be collected manually from each site which is an unnecessary expense in terms of time and resources

VitalWeather removes all of this and feeds data automatically to VitalWeather Server and allows viewing of multiple weather stations all on one web page.

For Aviation Pilots now have the ability to view conditions at their intended destinations online prior to take off, provided that Airport has VitalWeather installed).

They can also receive an sms of current conditions on their cell-phones prior to landing.

These features should go a long way in enhancing safety and the ability to make informed go-no go decisions.

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