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Surveying Instruments - Introducing the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

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Get the facts on site with Schmidt Hammers for concrete hardness, moisture measurers for every type of building material, Troxlers for compaction testing, and our focus this month – the economical “Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP).”

dynamic cone penetration - surveying instruments South Africa

Surveying Instruments - Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer’s robust and simple design means it is quick and easy to use, portable and suitable for use in difficult to access locations.

It was designed to assess the soil density of natural or compacted soil to identify under-compacted subgrade and evaluate in-situ sturdiness of backfill.

Connections have been formed between measurements with the DCP and conventional in-situ California Bearing Ratio (CBR) allowing results to be interpreted and compared with CBR specifications.

Using the DCP, the CBR test only takes a few minutes and therefore the DCP provides an efficient, reliable method of obtaining data which would normally require the digging of test pits.

Additionally, for sub-pavements with different layer strengths, the boundaries can be identified and their thickness determined.

How to test the resistance of a subgrade using the DCP?

Once the DCP is setup, an 8kg free fall hammer is then lifted and dropped from a height of 575mm. The cone tip penetration is then recorded and the cycle repeated.

Continuous measurements can be taken down to a depth of 1metre or in cases where extensive shafts are fitted to a maximum recommended depth of 2 metres.

To download a free DCP Manual click here.

Allen Associates – Measurement and Surveying Instruments South Africa

Allen Associates supply DCP kits which include everything needed for either a 1 or 2 metre test. Convenient carry bags and spares are available.

For more information about standard and automated DCPs or test and measurement instruments, please contact us.

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